Seniorology - \se-nior-o-lo-gy\ – (noun): 1) a branch of knowledge that deals with high school seniors and all their vital processes 2) the life of a student organism captured photographically at STP Images Photography Studio.

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Brooke 014 September 20, 2012
Arielle 012 September 12, 2012
August 20, 2012
Christen Headshot August 9, 2012

Nicole’s High School Senior Photos

May 15, 2012


Nicole 009

Caught myself slacking on my senior posting again.  So, let’s post another high school senior today.  Say hello to Nicole. Nicole is a student at St. Agnes Academy and wanted a full blown rock star session.  We planned an elaborate travel plan to get the entire shoot done in under 2 hours – and we […]

Mariana’s High School Senior Photos

May 9, 2012


Mariana 005

Time for another high school senior today.  We have such a backlog of seniors to post, that it might take posting one a day to get caught up by the end of May.  So, today’s senior star is Mariana. Mariana is a student at St. Agnes Academy.  She has done a fair amount of modeling […]

Sarah’s High School Senior Portraits

May 2, 2012


Sarah 014

We have been almost exclusively shooting high school senior sessions over the past few weeks.  We have painstakingly planned and shot 26 seniors recently, which is great news, but leaves us little time to post anything on this website.  We change that today and we are happy to be able to post another senior between […]